Range News

           Next quarterly meeting  June 9, 2019 @12:00pm in the main building.


             Work on the main building will begin this week and should take a day or two.                               Fixing the lifted flashing on the North side.  Going to try and get it fixed before this weeks wind maker.    I have some other range repairs that are pending but bodies are needed or at least two to get them done and I am putting out the word if your available for four 1/2 days give me a jingle or an e-mail will work. This means the range would be closed Monday,Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for 1/2 day starting in the morning. Holler at me if your available.

             The Porta Potty is being serviced on an as needed account so it is usable and pretty clean .             


                 That is pretty much all for now so with that I hope to see you out at the range.