Presidents Corner

         The turnout was great  even though some of our regulars are enjoying some Easter vacation time away. Weather was just perfect , a little chilly earlier but once the match started it was nice and warm.  Range is looking good and I want to say thanks to those who are helping keep it that way.

We have a new Range Officer today and I welcome Mickey Crawford to our organization. He  comes out every Sunday and chats with us all. Really nice gentleman so welcome him when you see him .

Ron has decided to finish out his term and I am glad he chose to do so. 

All for now and above all Have A Happy Easter.  The range will be open normal hours'

There will be a new Cabellas LTC Instructor. He will be local and I will get his credentials as he gets on board.  

                  And to the member who left the chair in the garbage can I would appreciate it if you retrieve it and dispose of it yourself. Your membership does not include others picking up after you. READ THE RULES.  

Bench rest match Sunday 21 April is CANCELLED






                   Hope to see you at the range and thanks for reading.