Club Rules and Safety Rules


  1. The back stop is the dirt area that is obviously designed and positioned in order to stop bullets.
  2. The firing line in the line formed by the shooting benches on the rifle range. On the pistol range, the firing line is somewhat portable but it will always be located at or in front of the shooting benches located under the covered area of the pistol range. It would be located along any line formed in front of a shooter or group of shooters standing abreast of one another and facing a backstop.
  3. An unloaded firearm is one that does not have ammunition in the chamber or the magazine and action open.
  4. Cease-fire is a verbal command given to immediately stop all firing on the firing line. Everyone has the right and the responsibility to give this command if unsafe condition is noted.

Club Rules:

Club rules are rules that the Board members of the club wish to enforce in order to promote safe, friendly, and family-oriented environment. They have been approved by a majority vote and hopefully represent the desires and feelings of the general membership. They include the following:

  1. NO alcohol allowed ANYTIME on club property. If you want to drink and shoot, go somewhere else.
  2. NO glass targets or targets of any kind that fragment are to be used on the range. This helps keep the range clean.
  3. Do not give the gate combination to a non-member. This is a private club and we want to keep it that way.
  4. Close and lock up the gate upon entering and exiting the club. This is for your safety and the safety of others.
  5. Do not remove any club equipment from the range without the President’s approval.
  6. All guests must be accompanied by a member at all times. Guests who live in town are welcome to visit a total of 3 times, after that they are expected to join. No more than 3 guests at one time.  There is no limit on number of times an out of town guest can visit. Out of town guests are defined as someone who does not live within a 100 mile radius of the El Paso Gun Club. This rule does not apply to minors, but they must be accompanied by an adult member.
  7. All children of members, who have not issued an EPGC membership card must be accompanied by the card holding member or spouse of the card holder while on the range. Member's children who have reached their 23rd birthday and wish to continue shooting at the Club will be required to have their own membership.  All exceptions will be addressed by the Executive Committee.  Any members wanting a waiver will contact in writing to the Committee for review via the President.
  8. Remove your targets from club property when you are done shooting. This helps keep the range clean and the cost of your membership down.
  9. Remove your own garbage from the range. There is no garbage pick-up at the club. This helps keep the range clean and the cost of your membership down.
  10. Wear your club card in plain sight while on club property. This helps identify members and non-members.
  11. Exercise common courtesy at all times. Keep conversations and activities of yourself and children confined to an area, and at a respectable level, so as not to distract other shooters.
  12. Memberships are non transferable.

Safety Rules

Safety rules are rules that everyone should follow while shooting. Remember that a gun is a mechanical device subject to failure. It is not a question of if you will accidentally discharge your firearm, but a question of when you will do so. You follow these rules to minimize consequence of the accidental discharge and to respect the safety concerns of fellow shooters.

  1. Ear and eye protection should be worn at all times in the shooting area.
  2. Exercise respect for other shooters at all times. Courtesy always pays.
  3. Carry your firearm with the action open, the chamber exposed, and the barrel pointed in a safe direction. Before going downrange, all weapons will be unloaded, magazines removed, and any tubular fed magazines must be unloaded.
  4. Visually inspect the range and surrounding area for people before you shoot. There are warning signs all around the club property. Look for hikers and/or 4-wheelers just to be safe.
  5. Ask for a cease-fire from all other shooters before you step in front of the firing line. Do not go in front of the firing line for any reason while others are shooting.
  6. Do not load or unload any weapon behind the firing line.
  7. Unload your weapon, place it on the bench and keep your hands off it at all times when there are people anywhere in front of the firing line.
  8. Keep the barrel pointed downrange at all times while you are on the firing line.
  9. All shooting will be done in a position on the firing line and in the general direction of the backstops provided at the range. Do not intentionally send bullets over or to the sides of the backstops.

**********ANY FLAGRANT VIOLATION OF ANY RULE THAT AFFECTS THE SAFETY of other shooters on the range, the clubs security, the club’s cleanliness, or vandalism will be grounds for loss of the privilege to use the range. Let’s keep it safe and friendly for all by following the rules and avoiding unpleasantness.