EL PASO GUN CLUB  INC.

                                                             REVISED :MARCH 10, 2019

                                                                        ARTICLE 1

The formal name of this organization shall be "EL PASO GUN CLUB", Incorporated and designed to be a social club. In referring to the El Paso Gun Club throughout these by-laws, it shall be hereafter referred to as the "Club".

                                                                       ARTICLE 2

The object and purpose of the "CLUB" shall be the encouragement and promotion of the shooting skills of rifle, pistol, and shotgun in our community, with emphasis on safe handling, use and proper care of firearms as well as marksmanship through practice, and /or regulated scheduled competitive matches. Further objectives through instruction shall be development of character, honesty, good fellowship, self -discipline.

                                                                         ARTICLE 3

Any qualified person meeting the requirements of  Federal, State , and Municipal laws governing the ownership, possession and/or use of firearms , twenty-one years of age or older may become a member of the "CLUB" by presenting an application and be approved by at least one Executive Officer.

                                                                         ARTICLE IV

( A )   All memberships shall be due and payable upon the expiration date of December 31 of  each year. The dues become delinquent on December 31. Members in the  arrears after December 31 will lose their continuous memberships and must  start over as a new member. MEMBERSHIPS ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE.


  (B)    Classes of membership

Regular Annual: Regular Member

Regular Continuous: Regular Annual member paying the continuos dues for  (5) year shall pay, starting with sixth (6) year and all following years at the rate of one half of regular dues.

Life Members: Members paying  continuous dues for (5) years and have reached sixty five (65) years of age shall be awarded a Life Membership in The El Paso Gun Club.

(C)   No member of the "Club" with membership in arrears shall not be eligible to vote or enjoy an other of the privileges or benefits offered by the "Club".

(D)  The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE will be solely responsible for the overseeing and making recommendations to the membership programs. The recommendations will be read and voted on by the members present at the regular scheduled meetings of the "Club". 

                                                                       ARTICLE V  

                                                   NOMINATIONS OF OFFICERS 


"A"   Nominations of officers to be held at the September regular business       meeting. 

A.1-- The election of officers will be held at the December regular meeting. All persons nominated for office must be a member in good standing. If the prescribed meeting fails to take place it shall be held at the next regular meeting in March. Notifications for  election of officers will be posted on the website newsletter at least  thirty (30) days prior to elections. Club officers shall consist of : President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Executive Officer, and Range Officer. Only members that are assigned a membership card are eligible to vote on officers and other issues that may arrive at the meeting.

     (B)  Duly elected officers will  assume their positions of office January 01 following the election.

     (C)  No proxy votes will be allowed. On request to the "CLUB" an absentee ballot will be mailed to members in good standing. The ballot will be returned to the Club address labeled ATTENTION: ELECTION COMMITTEE.

   (D)  Any changes to the By-Laws of the Club must be presented in writing at the December meeting and voted on at the next Regular Meeting. March will be the only meeting that the By-Laws may be changed. Members will be advised of the proposed changes via newsletter following the December  meeting.

                                                                          ARTICLE VI 

(A)  The Officers of the" Club" shall consist of a President, Vice  President, Secretary/Treasurer , Executive Officer and Range Officer.

(B) Meetings of the Executive Committee may be held at such time and place that the committee shall determine. Special meetings may be held at anytime on the call of the President, or on demand in writing to the President by three(3) members off the Committee . Three (3) members of the Committee shall constitute a quorum of that body.

(C)  The President shall cast a vote only in the event of a tie within the Executive Committee meeting.

(D)  The resignation of any officer may be accepted by a majority of the remaining members of the Executive Committee .  The vacant office will be filled by the Executive Committee when needed for the remaining year.

(E)   Anyone wishing to present any items requiring a vote from the membership must send in writing a brief statement of their proposal two (2) weeks prior to the meeting so it may be placed on the agenda. The proposal is to be sent to the President.

                                                                                 ARTICLE VII

(A)  The President shall preside  at all the meetings of the "Club" and of the Executive Committee. He /She shall be a member ex-officio of all regular and special committees ,and  shall perform all  such other duties as usually passed by  the Executive Committee thereby making it mandatory for the article to be presented to and voted upon by the General at the regular meeting

(B)  The Vice President shall perform the  duties of the President in his/her absence at his/her request.

(C)  The  Secretary will take minutes of the meetings and keep records of the proceedings and perform other duties requested by the President if needed.

(D)  The Treasurer shall have charge of  all the funds of the "Club" and deposit the same  in such bank or banks. Money shall be withdrawn by checks signed by any officer, with two(2) signatures required. The Treasurer shall keep an accurate account of all transactions and be prepared to render a financial report with the supporting invoices or cancelled checks at any  meeting of the "Club" when requested.

  (E)  The RANGE OFFICER shall be responsible for:

     1.  Target conditions and repairs.

     2.   Upkeep of the equipment.

     3.  Keeping the range clear of trash, weeds, and garbage.

   The Range Officer may request any number of assistants to help maintain the range.

  (F)  The Executive Officer shall be responsible for all the scheduled matches. The Executive Officer may appoint any number of assistants(Match Directors) to aid with and/ or run matches.  Any changes to match schedules or additions must be approved by the Executive Committee.                                                                          


                                                       SUSPENSION OR EXPULLSION

  (A)  Any officer may be removed  from office by a two-thirds vote of the members in good standing present at a special meeting called for this purpose. No vote on suspension or expulsion may be taken unless fifteen(15) days written shall be given via certified  mail to  the officer in question designating the reason(s) for his/her removal and designating the time and place of the special meeting where

balloting his/her removal is to be taken. At the specified time and place, the officer in question  shall be given a full hearing with all charges, proofs, or pertinent instruments being presented at the aforesaid hearing.

 (B)  Any member may be suspended or expelled from the "Club" for any cause deemed sufficient by a two-third vote of the Executive Committee.

 (C)  Charges being brought against  any officer or member of  the "Club" shall be presented in writing, clearly stating the facts to the Executive Committee.

 (D)  Any member suspended or expelled by the Executive Committee shall have the right to appeal to the full membership.


No commercial Enterprise , Private Companies or Corporations with exception for concealed carry qualifications will be held at the El Paso Gun Club Range . All qualifications will be conducted on the pistol  range, and will  be scheduled in  advance with President or his or  her other designated member of the El Paso Gun Club. All Concealed Carry  Instructors will show proof of insurance and certifications from the state of  their license . All certified instructors are required to designate that the El Paso Gun Club will be insured on their policy. Copies of the insurance and certification will be provided to the El Paso Gun Club on a yearly basis.


Any NRA approved programs may be authorized with a written request to the Executive Committee for approval.  The N R A Instructor will be required to show proof of insurance and certification. All certified instructors are required to designate  that the El Paso Gun Club will be insured on their policy. Copies of insurance and certifications will be provided to El Paso Gun Club on a yearly basis.

They will also need to schedule in advance with the President of the El Paso Gun Club.         

                                                                              ARTICLE X

                                                                          MATCH RULES

Any match held by the "Club" under NRA sanction shall be governed  by the rules and regulations stipulated by the NRA.

                                                                              ARTICLE XI

 All meetings of the "Club" shall be conducted and governed by the specific rules and regulations as indicated in "Robert's Rules of Order".