El Paso Gun Club's Commitment to the Environment

El Paso Gun Club's range facility is located in a designated "Remote" area of the City of El Paso. It is also relatively close to the Franklin Mountains State Park and a City of El Paso Designated Wilderness Area in Texas as well as an Area of Critical Concern in New Mexico. The club's location provides the opportunity for area gun enthusiasts to safely enjoy their firearms while minimizing the impact to these areas by confining the impact of firearms use to an area specifically designed for them.

The Club has made a commitment to assist the Bureau of Land Management in New Mexico by noting and reporting areas of illegal dumping and other adverse impact.

Areas of the club used as range and impact areas are periodically cleaned of spent casings and expended rounds, which are taken to a recycling facility for return to our nation's resource stream. The club is in full compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations with regard to the handling and recycling of lead rounds cleaned from the facility.

Club volunteers also get together from time to time to clean areas around the range which have been and in many instances continue to be used as illegal dumping sites. Debris and trash collected is taken at club expense for proper disposal in established landfills.

Areas within the club property which are currently not used for marksmanship activities are left in their natural state.

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