The range facilities are located approximately 1 mile East of I-10 at the base of the Franklin mountains near Exit 0. There are two basic ways to get here:

From Exit 0

The road leading to I-10 West from Antonio Street is actually a two-way road, not only an on-ramp. Follow the road to the right, past the cattle guard. Take the first dirt road to the right, and continue eastward until you arrive at the club's gate.

From NM 404

There is a road used by pipe line inspectors (EPNG Pipeline Road, on the map) that connects with NM 404 in the Anthony Gap, roughly near mile marker 3. Head south along that road until you come to the intersection at the club's gate.

Note: Because the pipeline road crosses two large arroyos, it can be difficult to take this route without a high-clearance vehicle.