Club and Safety Rules


  1. Cease-Fire is a verbal command given to immediately STOP all firing on the firing line. Everyone has the right and the responsibility to give this command if an unsafe condition is noted.
  2. Range is COLD or Range is SAFE command means it is safe to go down range. The command requires a visual and/or voice confirmation from all those on the firing line prior to anyone going down range.
  3. Range is HOT command means it is safe shoot. The command requires a visual and/or voice confirmation from all those on the firing line prior to anyone shooting.
  4. Back Stop or Berms are the dirt areas that are designed and positioned in order to stop fired rounds.
  5. Firing Line is the line formed by the shooting benches on the rifle ranges. The firing line for the pistol range is flexible; marksmen may move forward of the equipment benches and awning.
  6. An Unloaded Firearm is one that has no ammunition in the chamber, any detachable magazine removed, and action open. The use of open chamber indicators is highly encouraged.

Club Rules

The Board of Directors wish to promote a safe, friendly, and family-oriented environment for all members. In order to accomplish this, all club members are expected to abide by the following rules:
  1. NO alcohol at ANY TIME on club property. Transport of alcoholic beverages onto club property IMMEDIATELY voids club membership, with forfeiture of any dues paid.
  2. Targets of any kind that can fragment and cut are not permitted on the range. This helps keep the range clean, safe, and avoids injury to those who clean the range.
  3. The gate combination is for members only. If people ask you to let them in, politely refuse. They may contact a club officer to gain access if they are an active member. Do not tell guests the combination so they can open the gate for you.
  4. Close and lock the gate upon entering and exiting the club. This is for your safety and the safety of others.
  5. Club equipment is for the use of all members. Please leave all equipment on the range.
  6. All guests must be approved by the club President, and accompanied by a member at all times.
  7. Family members under the age of 21 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  8. Please take everything out that you brought in. There is no trash pick-up at the club. This helps keep the range clean and safe for all to enjoy.
  9. Have your club membership card with you at the range, and present your membership card when requested. This helps identify members and non-members.
  10. Exercise common courtesy at all times.
  11. .50 caliber rifle cartridges and above, tracers, incendiaries, and armor-piercing ammunition are not permitted on the range. The range is not constructed to safely contain large caliber bullets designed for long range shots. Exception: Muzzle-loading firearms greater than .50 caliber are permitted.
  12. ALL instructors must be approved by the club President prior to instructing on the range.
  13. Our firing ranges are located within the city limits of the City of El Paso. Therefore, fireworks are prohibited on club property as fireworks are illegal within city limits. Transport of fireworks onto club property IMMEDIATELY voids club membership, with forfeiture of any dues paid.


Remember that a gun is a mechanical device which can fail. These rules seek to minimize the consequences of a negligent discharge, and to respect the safety concerns of fellow marksmen.
  1. Ear and eye protection is required at all times for everyone in the shooting area, whether shooting or not.
  2. Always exercise respect for other members and their authorized guests.
  3. Carry your firearm with the action open, the chamber exposed, and the barrel pointed in a safe direction. Before going down-range, all firearms must be unloaded, magazines removed and any tube-fed magazines unloaded, and actions open. It is preferred that all actions have an open-chamber indicator so that everyone at a glance can see that the firearm is safe. Be sure to leave all unattended firearms unloaded.
  4. Visually inspect the range and surrounding area for people before you shoot. There are warning signs all around club property, but look for hikers or 4 wheelers in close proximity to the ranges just to be safe.
  5. Ask for a cease-fire from all other marksmen before you step in front of the firing line.
  6. Keep firearms unloaded behind the firing line. On the pistol range, loaded pistols should be holstered and safety engaged when walking forward of the equipment benches, not carried in the hand.
  7. Unload your firearm, open the chamber, place it on the bench, and move behind the yellow "ready" line during times when there are people anywhere in front of the firing line.
  8. Keep the barrel pointed downrange at all times while on the firing line.
  9. All shooting is done from the firing line where designated and in the direction of the backstops. Do not intentionally send rounds over or to the sides of the backstops. If multiple members are using the pistol range simultaneously, all must fire from the same distance from the backstop. It's good sportsmanship to alternate firing when multiple users wish to shoot from different distances, or place targets at appropriate distances from the equipment benches and all shoot from the bench location.

Failure to follow any of these rules can result in loss of membership.

(A downloadable version of the club and safety rules can be found here)