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Civilian Marksmanship Program - An organization that promotes the responsible use of firearms through training and marksmanship competitions.

Texas State Rifle Association

New Mexico Shooting Sports Association

National Shooting Sports Foundation

National Rifle Association

New Mexico Senior Olympics - An organization devoted to the continuing love of competitive sports, including shooting sports

Project Childsafe - A program provided by the National Shooting Sports Foundation that provides resources for safe storage and use practices of firearms around children.

Shooting Sports

Getting Started in Shooting Sports - An exerpt from multi-time Women's National Champion Julie Golob's book Shoot: Your Guide to Shooting and Competition, provided by Getzonez

NRA Silhouette Program - Online resources for a competitive shooting sport that's popular in the El Paso Gun Club

Encyclopedia of Bullseye Pistol - An information and resource website dedicated to NRA Precision Pistol Shooting, a sport more commonly known as Bullseye

Shooting Sports USA - An online magazine for competitive shooting, provided free of charge by the NRA

Five Tips on Becoming a Collegiate Target Shooter

More Tips for Revolver Competition with Josh Lentz

How to: NRA National Records - A brief guide to for entering high scores within NRA-sanctioned competitions

Shooting Tips and Guides

Introduction to Range Safety and Etiquette - Although ours is an outdoor range, you will find that most of these safety principles apply to outdoor ranges as well as the indoor range featured in the video.

HAVE A CONVERSATION WITH KIDS ABOUT FIREARM SAFETY - A video from Project Childsafe discussing the importance of discussing firearms safety with your family

Teach Gun Safety, Not Gun Ignorance - A look at the culture of gun safety and education

Confidence and Complacency - A reminder of the importance of safety and discipline, even when having a fun day at the range.

Ear Protection: Save Your Hearing - A video from the NSSF's "Handgun 101" program

How to Protect Your Hearing While Shooting - A good article on proper means of safeguarding your hearing while using firearms.

How to Determine Your Dominant Eye: Aiming a Pistol - Handgun 101 with Top Shot Chris Cheng - A video guide to one of the most important, yet often-overlooked factors in shooting well

Beginner Target Shooting Tip #3: Eye Dominance - Tips on how to obtain a proper sight picture, even in cross-dominant individuals.

A Quick Guide to Shooting Fundamentals - An infographic with quick tips for people new to shooting firearms

Why I Don't Use the Safety on My Rifles - As the title might suggest, safety is a behavior, not a device

Competitive Shooting Tip: Hit the First Target Hints for action pistol shooters

Pistol Shooting Drill to Improve Accuracy - Shooting Tips from SIG SAUER Academy - Get those shots on target quickly and accurately.

How to Stand When Firing a Pistol - Part of the NSSF's Hangun 101 video series with Chris Cheng

How to Properly Grip a Pistol - A video from the NSSF featuring Kay Miculek of the Babes with Bullets Ladies Action Shooting Camps

Pistol Correction Chart - A printable target for right-handed pistol shooting to identify shooting errors.

Five Tips To Help Increase Your Scores

How to Choose the Right Rifle Scope

12 Steps to Long-Range Accuracy - Some pointers on how to really reach out and touch that distant target.

Set up Your Scope for Success - Long-Range Rifle Shooting Technique - Some tips from the National Shooting Sports Foundation for setting up a scope to naturally fit your eye.

How To Zero a Hunting Rifle

How to Zero Your AR15 - Getting your modern sporting rifle on target.

Zeroing the AR-15 Service Rifle - A guide to sighting in an AR-15 with military-styled rifle sights

How to Zero Backup Iron Sights on an AR-15 - How to keep on target when the red dot fails.

Two-Shot Sight-In - How to get your rifle scope adjusted for accuracy with just two shots.

How To Zero a Hunting Rifle

Scope Tracking: Tall Target Test - A video guide to sighting in a rifle for long-distance shooting

Pistol Shooting Drill: Shooting on the Move; Accurately - A video guide from SIG SAUER Academy for firing a pistol while moving

Shooting While Moving: Practical Applications - Another video from SIG SAUER Academy

How to Be Faster on Shotgun Stage Starts - Port Arms - 3-Gun - A video guide for the shotgun stage of a 3-gun competition

Shooting Stance – 7 Key Components Of The Upper Triangle - A guide to a standing pistol shooting position.

Increasing your odds of success during deer season

Shooting Skills: The Mozambique-Failure Drill - A simple shooting drill to develop defensive shooting skill

Mastering the Basics for Precision Shooting

Dog Training & Bird Hunting Tip: Lead with the Face - A video with tips for training bird-hunting dogs

Connecting with the Wind Or Surfing F-Class - A Highpower competitor relates his method for shooting 1000yd matches

Follow-through and why it is important to shooting better

Long-Range Shooting: Ranging Essentials

Ankle Holsters for Concealed Carry

AR-15 Training and Practice Drills

Using a shotgun for home defense: Choosing your ammo

Taking the Bite Out of Recoil

Field Shooting Positions – Prone, Bipod Supported

Shooting is 90% Mental

First Hunts—Everyone Starts at the Beginning

Seven Things to Know About Buck Rubs

The Art of the Stalk: 10 Tips for Getting Closer to Game

How to Shoot Light Rifles

Four Collegiate Coaches Weigh In On Postural Stability

Zins on Bullseye: Proper Pistol Grip - A brief article on a one-handed pistol hold that helps with recoil management and sight alignment, written by twelve-time NRA National Pistol Champion Brian Zins

Expecting Perfection, One Shot at a Time - An interesting take on shooting competitively from an interview with Lon Pennington, a competitive marksman with experience in a growing list of shooting sports

5 Things to Know About Long Range Shooting

Aiming the Red Dot Sight

One Shot Draw Drill - Competitive shooting tips video with Doug Koenig, from the NSSF

Bullet Trajectory: Shooting Downhill and Uphill

[This Accuracy Killer Might Be to Blame for Your Missed Shots]

Reloading Tips and Guides

How To: Outfitting the Ultimate Reloading Bench

Five Things I've Learned Reloading Ammunition

[Reloading your own ammunition: Polishing the brass] - The third part of a series on reloading ammunition

Reloading your own ammunition: Depriming - The fourth part of a series on reloading ammunition

Reloading your own ammunition: Dropping gunpowder - The fifth part of a series on reloading ammunition

Handloading the 6.5x54 mm Mannlicher-Schoenauer

Best Brass Cleaner Tools for Reloaded Brass

Clearing up the confusion around rifle caliber

How To Load Dangerous Game Ammo

Getting Started in Handloading with the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit

All About Primers with the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit

Reloading .22 Long Rifle—a new option for competitors

Necking Up vs. Down and Concentricity

Should I Buy a Single-Stage Press, or a Progressive?

Money-Saving Reloading Tips

Guns and Collectables

Giving a Firearm as a Gift? Some Reminders from NSSF

The 3 Things That Actually Matter When Evaluating a Gun

Meet the Shotgun - An overview of an entire family of firearms

-Using a shotgun for home defense_

Collector's Corner: Britain's Black-Powder .303, the Lee Metford

Ruger 10/22 History - A brief history of one of the most popular .22LR chambered rifles.

The History Of The Designated Marksman’s Rifle

Lewis and Clark’s Girardoni Air Rifle: The Gun That Helped Discover the West

The .25-06 rifle is an awesome hunting round for game of all sizes - A review of a remarkably versatile caliber of ammunition.

FIRST LOOK: RUGER AMERICAN RIFLE PREDATOR IN 6.5 CREEDMOOR - A review of a hunting rifle designed for cost effectiveness

The USMC M40 Sniper Rifle: At the End of a Useful Life? - A look back at one of the longest-serving rifles in the US Marine Corps

Six Pocket Guns to Avoid Like the Plague - A review of least-liked pistols from a national poll

AR-15 Basics: .223 vs. 5.56×45 NATO - An article that discusses the differences between the .223 Remington cartridge and the military cartridge based on its design

14 Amazing Engraved Guns of Gun Digest 2015 - A photo gallery

Top 10 Predator Calibers of All Time - A review of several effective rifle calibers for hunting wild predators

The AR for Home Defense: One Expert's Opinion

“Triple Deuce”— The .222 Remington - A look at a rifle caliber designed for hunting varmint animals

Concealed Carry Myths: Double-action Handguns Suck for Self-defense -A discussion of the pros and cons of both double- and single-action pistols for self-defense.

At the Range: Evolution of the Rifle Stock

Taking Down a Backcountry Bear with the CZ 550 Sonoran Rifle

How to Repair a Busted Gun Stock

New Ruger Mark IV Gets Competitive and Tactical - A review of the newer models of the Ruger 22/45

AR-18: ArmaLite's Other Black Rifle - A look at a rifle that remains fairly obscure despite its onscreen presence in the 1984 movie The Terminator

10 Things You Didn't Know About Beretta - A look at the world's oldest firearms manufacturer still in operation today

I have This Old Gun: Ruger Single-Six

The Coolest .50 Caliber Impact Footage You’ll Ever See

[Yesterday’s Rifle – The 1924 Olympic Smallbore Rifle](The 1924 Olympic Smallbore Rifle) - A look at a rifle designed specifically for the 1924 US Olympics Team

5 Rifle Cartridges You Might Not Know About

9 Ways to Love the Gun You've Got

Upgrading Your AR

The Rifle That Almost Became the M1 Garand - A look at the Pedersen T1E3 semi-automatic rifle

M1 Garand Service and Maintenance

Optics Test: Three Scopes for Long-Range Hunting

5 Jaw-droppingly Extensive Gun Collections

Early German Bolt-Action Sporters Set a Standard

Breathing New Life into an Old Rifle

6 guns every hunter needs to own

How to Buy a Used Rifle

A Gun Collector’s Regrets of Purchases Not Made

Home Defense: AR vs. Shotgun

The Best Rifles for Predator Hunting

Modern sporting rifles slowing gaining ground with young hunters

A simple checklist for choosing your handgun

Licensing and Other Information

3 Things to Know Before an Emergency at the Range

Women Become Increasingly Involved in Gun Groups - An article that discusses the increasing numbers of women getting into shooting.

10 Facts about Women in the Shooting Sports - An infographic from OutdoorHub

Handgun Storage - A guide to safe storage practices for handguns and other firearms, provided by the Texas Department of Public Safety

10 Tips for Firearm Safety in Your Home - A brochure from Project Childsafe

Texas handgun licensing - Information and online services for handgun licensing in the State of Texas, provided by the Texas Department of Public Safety

New Mexico handgun licensing - Information about handgun licensing in the State of New Mexico, provided by the New Mexico Department of Public Safety

5 Qualities to Look for in Concealed-Carry Holsters

Shooter Self-Care: Providing Lifesaving Care - A brief guide to dealing with life-threatening injuries

The Science of Hearing Loss for Shooters and Hunters, and How to Prevent It

Federal Premium Ammunition Announces Honorary Company Historian - One man's private collection gets recognition from Federal Premium

5 simple tools to find a place to hunt

A Short History of American Target Development and Evolution

Why our home defense plan turned out to be a failure - A false alarm highlights several flaws in the author's home defense plan, which he describes in the hopes that others learn from his mistakes

Long-Range Shooting Ethics: How Far is Too Far? - A concern about hunting game animals from extreme distances

U.S. International Shooting in the 1920s - A look back at the beginning of the USA's international shooting teams

Member Lands In Jail After Middle Finger Mistaken For Firearm - A video from U.S. Law Shield cautioning gun owners against aggressive behaviors.

My Tailgate Butchering Setup

Sticky Situations - A brief guide to the use of adhesives to hold gun parts in place

4 Ways to Weatherproof Your Rifle - Going on a hunt? This article talks about protecting your gun from the elements.

Cleaning Modern Guns

Light your night right: Picking the perfect tactical torch - A practical guide for flashlights, both on and off a tactical firearm

5 tools to make your deer hunt a success from start to freezer

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